It’s this, or get off the pot…

Ever had one of those ‘now or never’, ‘carpe diem’, ‘do or die’ moments? Time to stop talking about it and start doing? Well I suppose this is one of those. You’ve told everyone who’ll listen, and quite a few more who you suspect were already asleep, that you want to write about food. You’ve taken a year off work, with only the flimsiest visible means of financial support. You’ve consigned your nearest and dearest to the status of guinea pigs in your ‘test kitchen’ [until now it was just ‘a kitchen’]. And now you’re sitting in front an empty pixellated page as the blue lipped world holds its breath and waits for your outpouring of wisdom. Well, deep breaths [me / world] – here goes. Please forgive the initial random flurry of collected materials but the writing began before my relationship with the blogosphere began to blossom – even now we’re barely holding hands in public but I have my fingers crossed for our evolving intimacy. I hope to settle to a more even pace in time and to provide a range of regular food related commentary. I also hope that what follows will bring you some degree of pleasure, whether by dint of a full belly, a satisfied supper guest, or a wry smile. At the very least I hope you don’t think it should have ended up in that pot…


2 responses to “It’s this, or get off the pot…

  1. Yum yum. I’m loving your blog…. more please! x

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