Build your own Cheeseboard!

I realise it’s been a while since I’ve shared any real food with you but it’s a busy time of year for a cheesemonger. So until the next edible instalment here’s a distraction from the library pages of the yellowwedge website – the opportunity to build your very own replica cheeseboard! And if you’re still looking to pick up the real thing the shop will be open until 3:00 PM on Christmas Eve. [PS – do us both a favour and don’t leave your shopping until 2:55!]

Cheeseboard outline

Looking for a Christmas distraction for the kids? If they’re old enough to wield a pair of scissors and can be trusted with the dining room table then this might keep them busy for an hour or two…

First download the template from here.

Assembly instructions:

  • If you’re old enough to do so, pour yourself a glass of wine [if not, get an adult to pour one for you].
  • Cut out the cheese shapes along their outer black borders.
  • Score the remaining black lines and fold the cheeses into shape.
  • Glue flaps and carefully assemble the components of your cheese board.
  • Arrange artfully upon a suitably board-like surface – a cheese board works well [NB these can be purchased from yellowwedge cheese].
  • Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours [and the wine, see above].
  • DO NOT EAT – please remember that these are mere paper facsimiles of the real thing, for which you should visit yellowwedge cheese.

Your finished components will roughly resemble an assemblage such as the above, but arranged as you please, and slightly more colourful, unless you have made a basic error and constructed the pieces inside out – in which case it’s back to square one, but perhaps you should skip the wine next time?

The board includes replicas of Appleby’s Cheshire, Colston Bassett Stilton, Morbier and a Valencey Goat’s Pyramid. If you’re not sure which is which, you know where to come to find out.


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