Newsflash – Kenwood Mixer Competition

Kenwood Mixer

Our good friends at are giving away one of these limited edition ‘firecracker’ mixers from Kenwood – and all you have to do is vote for your favourite recipe from their database.  There’s one of mine in there if you dig around, but I’m in pretty illustrious company and there’s plenty more besides to tempt the curious and the peckish [PS there’s no prize for the recipe authors so please don’t feel obliged to go for mine!]. has grown to become quite an impressive resource since I was helping out with some early articles less than 18 months ago, and their regular newsletter always has me clicking on at least one link. Why not add it to your foodie favourites folder?

I’d love a Kenwood, but then I’d also love a kitchen big enough to house one without having to get rid of the oven first. One day…


4 responses to “Newsflash – Kenwood Mixer Competition

  1. What a beauty! Very Paul Smith.

  2. If I win, you’re welcome to come round and use it. So long as you wear matching socks, nat’rally.

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