Being Judgemental Again

Badge awarded to judges at the 2010 World Cheese Awards

I’ve confirmed that I’ll be judging at the World Cheese Awards again this year, on 28th November at the BBC Good Food Show at the NEC. For 2012 there are almost 3,000 cheeses from 300 countries. If you want to come and watch tickets can be had from the BBC – there’s all sorts going on and proper foodie slebs like James Martin and Paul Hollywood as well, not just cheesy old farts like me. This will be my third outing, you can read about the first one here.


3 responses to “Being Judgemental Again

  1. Hi Phillip – good to stumble across you on here! (Linda was with you on the Cheese diploma course when we started out around the same time as you two.) Hope you’re both well. I was surprised to hear the shop has closed. We’re out in the country now, I expect you heard we sold the Twickenham & Isleworth delis last year. We’ll pop back later to read some more of our blog – just wanted to say hello. LInda & Tim.

  2. Oh, I thought all was going so well, you always seemed busy. But small businesses on the high street have bugger all chance really – we realised that when Waitrose starting popping in and taking notes, then stocking exactly the same stuff up the road. That and rates and parking wardens, and rip off waste companies.

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