I am a freelance writer and award-winning cheesemonger and retailer whose main preoccupation is food, but who also writes reviews, interview based pieces, travelogues and more. You can check the Posts and Links on this site for examples of my work. If you would like to know more, or to discuss a proposal or project, you can find my contact details here.

I have been interested in food pretty much since my first Farley’s rusk, an interest which was not even diminished by my mother’s discovery of the new fangled ‘garlic’ [in powdered form!] in the mid 1970s and her subsequent use of it in EVERY dish – bacon, eggs and powdered garlic anyone? The fact that I remained unphased as early as 1974 and aged only 6 to find raisins in my Aunty Hazel’s chicken curry [this being a time when nobody I knew even cooked curries, let alone put fruit in them!] should have been a sign. I’m indebted to Vivian Fairhurst, one of my life’s great food mentors, for whom I worked in the Lake District in the 1980s. In the early 1990s I enjoyed a multi award-winning retail career with The Body Shop, learning how much fun selling things can really be. David Harries and I cofounded yellowwedge cheese in 2007, and 10 months later we collected the ‘Best New Retailer’ award at the British Cheese Awards, in the process meeting another great mentor, Juliet Harbutt. In 2010 and 2011 yellowwedge cheese was named as one of ‘Britain’s Top 10 Cheese Shops’ by The Times. David and I also provide bespoke cheese tasting events and are judges for various national food awards. In 2010 I began to edit my own food page, ‘The Food-Phile’ in My St Margarets Magazine, and for several years now [along with other members of The Guild of Fine Food] I have been spending time judging for The Great Taste Awards and The World Cheese Awards.

I am also a specialist in children’s social care performance management, but that’s a whole other story! Details of my alter ego, who now provides consultancy services to the sector, can be found here.


11 responses to “About

  1. Mark Wrigglesworth

    Wonderful work Phillip, I look forward to reading/cooking more as I am sure this is only the beginning now you have your own forum.

  2. Wow! This looks fantastic Philip, with your usual wit and style.
    However I have a challenge for you if you’re up for it!
    As a near Vegan (he ducks instinctively as the word comes out!) whilst your recipes look fantastic I am unlikely to put them into action – well I’ve resisted both Bacon butties and the well-seasoned skin of a freshly roasted skin on more than one occasion!, how about something that doesn’t require animal or cheese to attain perfection (egg is allowed)?
    I look forward to your riposte in eager anticipation!

    • Thanks Rashid! I’m always up for a challenge, does my ‘Feast for the eyes’ salad qualify? You’ve got me thinking too, I’ll look into adding vegetarian and vegan categories to my posts in future to make these easier to identify. Look out too for my beetroot gazpacho, coming soon [there’s a picture of it currently in the page header].

    • Rashid, you’ll be glad to hear that I have added the categories ‘Pescatarian’, ‘Vegan’ and ‘Vegetarian’ to my posts, and over at the far right hand side you’ll see an area where you can select posts by category. Just select the Home tab to return to the full list. Hope this helps.

  3. Ps. Did I say that I love your shop?

  4. It’s lovely to meet a fellow UK food blogger, one who’s just as obsessed about food as me (: And great job on the blog, I really enjoy the posts, oh and of course great job on your award-winning cheese, I hope I’ll be able to get hold of some to try one day!


  5. Hello Phillip, and thank you for subscribing to my blog. I have just subscribed to yours, as much for your very lovely photography and layout as for your enticing recipes. Please come to North Carolina and cook for me! And bring your beautiful pottery and cookware. P.S. I also love the name of your blog.

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